Monday, September 16, 2013

Jacie Stroud Photography

I recently found myself creating a new photography business. I have always loved the photo shop side of it, but never thought I had the talent to take the actual pictures. Thanks to my very talented sis-in-law, Carrie Stroud, I am now well on my way. I absolutely LOVE every minute of it.
Right now, I can take clients in the Salt Lake and Utah Valley areas. I am building my portfolio, so now is your chance to take advantage of my portfolio pricing.
Check it out!


Friday, August 2, 2013

SuBWaY ARt- A great last-minute gift

First off, I have to say where I have been: Everywhere!! We have traveled all over the US. (OK, just a few states, but it feels like the entire US) And then, of course, the usual summer activities- swimming, camping, hiking, family reunions, etc. At the first of September, I will start posting more often. I have some awesome projects I can't wait to share.
Anyway, I have one more family reunion coming up. They do an auction of random crafts and donated items to earn money for future reunions. This year I was limited on time, and money! I decided to design three different pages of subway art for the next three holidays, and put them with a nice picture frame. To make them a little nicer than an at-home print-out, I emailed them to a little copy shop on digital copy 100 weight paper. It gives it a nice finish looks more professional. My sister-in-law gave me the same kind of gift, but with holidays throughout the entire year! I love it and my kids get so excited to change it every month.

The program I use is called Microsoft Publisher from the Microsoft Office Suite. I'm sure there are really amazing programs out there that are better to work with, but due to a tight budget, I make this work. Between my font download tutorial and this program, you can do all kinds of cool stuff. You can make invites, posters, picture collages, announcements, etc.  If you have Microsoft Publisher, you are interested in a step-by-step tutorial of how to make word art posters like the pictures below, make a comment or email me. I will do a post just for you :)

Ok, so here is what I came up with.  Just click on the picture you want and it will take you to a place to download.




Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nine Principles for a Happy Family

Every month, my church puts out a magazine that gives the best advice for families in the world today. It always seems to have an article that was written just for me. It's called the Ensign. I recently read an article in the June 2013 issue, (page 25), that listed 9 Principles for a successful Marriage and Family. It seems so simple when broken down into categories. Helping each member of the family to develop these qualities really would create the Perfect family. Of course, I know that I will personally never get these all down perfectly, but an honest attempt will show it's rewards. I recommend reading this article, which you can find online Here.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chick Hardware

I Have a friend who is a very talented jewelry designer.  She calls her business, "Chick Hardware."
Out of all the jewelry hanging in my closet, my most favorite piece of jewelry came from her. I wear it nearly every day.
It's the cutest necklace of a mother bird with my name on it, and a little nest of eggs. I have three girls, so she put 3 eggs in the nest. I wear it everywhere and usually get compliments! It is so cute, goes with everything, and has such a sentimental tie to it: My kids!
It makes the cutest gift to close friends.  Much more thoughtful than a candle or Bath and Body Works lotion, right?


You can find this necklace  Here.


Friday, June 14, 2013


A good friend of mine said this to me a couple of years ago. I have never forgotten it. It has since changed my approach to parenting three little girls. Most of it is how I talk about myself around them. Of course I have those days when I look in the mirror and wish I could just crawl back in bed and never be seen by public, or put on a pair of pants that depressingly squeeze tighter than they did last week, or end up with hair that looks like it belongs on a horses rear-end after I have done all I could to make it look nice. The key is, however, to never express it.

I was surprised at an experience I had, one day, when my 5 year old was watching me get ready to go somewhere. I had no make-up on, my hair was a mess, and my eyebrows were in desperate need of tweezing. She simply asked, "Mom, do you think that you look pretty?" It caught me off guard, and I honestly drew a blank for a split second as to what I should say. Without wasting any more time, I looked at myself in the mirror, smiled, and said, "Yes, I do!"  Can you imagine what she would have thought if I would have said, "No, I don't." What would that tell her about how she should feel about herself?

Even though I didn't whole-heartedly believe those words when I said them, SHE believed them, and now feels comfortable and safe to feel that way about herself. So I guess my motto is,  "Fake it till I Make it." (And by the way, it feels good to hear kind words about yourself, FROM yourself).

 As women, it seems that our modest nature tells us that it's vain or prideful to say such things, and that we are snobby if we say kind things about ourselves. My friends, we are depriving ourselves from a healthy self-esteem, and taking that precious gift from our daughters as well.

I have had quite a few experiences with weight loss and I can tell you right now- It will never happen unless you become friends with yourself. Love yourself for who you are "AS-IS." I believe that this applies to every other goal we have in life as well- If you love yourself, You WILL have the ability to do great things.  

 I am not an expert in the topic, nor do I intend this list to come across as a perfect solution to self-esteem issues. I want to share them, however, because they promote good feelings in our home, and perhaps one day will help me reach my goal of emotionally and spiritually happy girls.

*We never say the word, "FAT"  Even when I am reading stories, I replace the word, fat, with chunky or big. That word just gets to me and is unnecessary.  Same with the word, "Ugly."

* I encourage them to look in the mirror while I do their hair and say that they are pretty.
*I try to talk as much as I can about how it is fun to look pretty on the outside and that it's important to take care of ourselves, but that it's more important to BE pretty on the inside- by being kind, thoughtful, considerate, positive, patient, etc. 

 *We never talk about others and how they look, and what they are wearing, etc. Making fun of others is so negative and, I believe, creates us to be more critical of ourselves.

 * I allow my daughter to put her own outfits together, and do her hair herself (It takes constant practice on my end) because she wants to and cares about it, and arguing with her just makes the whole experience negative and puts a bigger impact on how we look. (Of course, I have exceptions based on the occasion).

 ^When they see me exercise, I tell them how it makes me feel good and helps me to get strong so that I can be more active. It's never about the weight.  

Healthy Self-Image and FOOD:
*When denying treats, I never say anything about the treats being BAD. I just tell them that they need to eat foods that will give them energy to play, and have fun. If all else fails- I turn to the topic of dental hygiene. It's never about Calories, Fat grams, or Weight gain.

  *We eat treats almost every day, and I try my best never to ramble on about how I have had too much, or  that I shouldn't eat it, or that I would probably eat the whole thing if I could....(Well, you get the idea).  I just eat it, enjoy it, and then move on.

 *When they eat the treats and ask for more, I always tell them, "We will have one later", rather than telling them they have had enough for one day. I don't want them to feel like they are "over-eaters" who can't control themselves- therefore, no more treats. I just tell them, "later", because it helps them understand that the treats are not gone forever, and it will be ok to eat them again. (I have found so much success in this. My girls will actually put a half-eaten ice cream cone down and say they have had enough!! )
I intend on doing a post about my weight-loss "Journey" in the future. I have found so many amazing resources that I would love to share. 
 Any thoughts on this? I would love to hear your suggestions. Feel free to comment. I am always searching for new ideas.




Thursday, June 13, 2013

Aera Vida

I recently came across this website with cute, inexpensive jewelry. I found it by searching and searching for these initial earrings for my identical twin girls. (Great twin tip, by the way: Initial earrings help everyone remember who is who... including big sister).

find them here & here
What I love most is that they use Sterling Silver, which is a MUST for my girls' sensitive ears. The prices are low, making a lost earring less painful to bear, and the shipping isn't bad either. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they arrived as well.
 Next, I plan to get these: 
find them here

Monday, June 10, 2013

Obviously, I am enjoying this font thing. I LOVE western fonts, so I threw this together to show them off. Aren't the guns cool?? I also love the floral design. There are so many ways these can be used! These are all from Below are the links to each one.
Nashville . Old Western . Black Hawk . Floral Design (Panhead) . Casino Queen . Bleeding Cowboy . Panhead . Guns (Anderson Four Feather Falls).